Modern Police

by Andy Pratt



Part of the cd Age Of Goodbye


we used to read in the papers of the fighting abroad
it always stayed somewhere else
till one day the soldiers were there at the door

then there was no more rich man or poor man
we were all the same
begging for bread and waiting to die

how could you know what it's like
how could you know what it's like
how could you know what it's like
to live under the Modern Police

it's we who live in your future
we who have learned to adapt
to watch in silence how not to disappear
into the arms of the murderous pack

to never show yourself to another
to hide in careful secrecy
we're not who we pretend to be

how could you know...

what do you see around you
does it not prove them right
all of your words of kindness
seem more and more like self-serving lies
what if you were starving and chaos was all around you
would you not welcome the new way of life


released June 16, 2015
drums Andy Newmark
bass Tony Levin
keyboards Stephen Hague Andy Pratt
(Tortured man) flute solo Stan Strickland
vocals Andy Pratt



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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