Just Another Rainy Day

by Andy Pratt



I was a lonely little boy in someone else's world
it's been a long and strange trip but I survived
And I watched them and I listened and tried to be like they were
I was the descendant of an ancient tribe

And they give you the world and take it all away
and they leave you standing all alone on a piece of hay
but you know it's Just Another Rainy Day

And they feed you and give you dirty looks
and get up and drive away
and you wonder if you'll ever go back there again
And you feel so all alone
as you pick up your bag and leave
but you know it's alright
You just can't get blood from a stone

And they give you the world...
like a dog in a fairy tale...
but you know....

Sure I know sure I know you didn't mean it like that
sure I know sure I know
sure I know you had something else on your mind
well you won't catch me crying

Traveled all around this great big world
you see the same thing everywhere
people just don't have it in them to give you what you need
But you know it's all right
Everybody's got to bleed

And they give you the world
all alone and it never change
but you know it's Just Another Rainy Day


released June 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer work....it's worth the wait... ... more

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