Masters Of War

by Andy Pratt



released July 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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Track Name: What Kind of World is This
and every time we get something they take it away
what kind of world is this?
their nasty minds they'd let us die and just go on
why do you let them get away with it?

the end will come and we will know it all was true
you are the only one
but every time I try it just don't seem to work out
and every bird I fly just falls into the sea
what do you want with me

day after day it just goes on
the life we live
what kind of world is this


and rivers run to the sea and just run back again
and no one waits for me except my real friends
there's nothing new at all
how long must I go on singing this crazy song
on you I will depend but I don't understand
why must we say goodbye
what kind of world is this?

Track Name: Just Another Goodbye
Put some water on my hair and smoothed it back
put on a clean white shirt
my stomach felt a little queasy
and my cheek still hurt
because of the tooth that never got filed away
because of money and I didn't want to stay any more that day

thought about the man from across the street
the one who just died
he was a good one, strong and sweet
was it really worth the fight

now he's another goodbye
just another goodbye
just another goodbye

driving past the mine in the cold grey dawn
watch the people going in
doesn't make sense to keep going on
if you come up short every time again
come up short

seven times seven is forty-nine
three more wasted chances
fifteen guns on a black motorboat
forty girls at the Friday dance
it's just another show

too much light in my eyes
I can't see any more

they never tell you why
somebody said to me once

fifteen guns
forty girls