Chasing Shadows

by Andy Pratt



released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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Track Name: Little Bitty Soul
Everybody's got to change with the seasons
everybody's got to lose control
everybody's got run when the sky is falling
everybody's just a little bitty soul

I was young and now i'm older
the way it had to go I never could have said
it's the way of it the way the cookie crumbles
come to think we're probably better off dead
watching the news you think that it's all gone crazy
turn the channel look at the pretty pictures
everybody's just a little bitty soul

everything's gonna be all right
don't you worry
baby keep on keepin on

from Boston to China
men and women got to live and die
it's cruel evil and heartless
ain't nobody gonna tell you why
Track Name: No Other Way Out
Talk is cheap nobody cares what you think
Stand and weep you're just gonna have to take it
Ain't no other way out no
Ain't no other way out
right through the middle

I'm a fool to do what I do
Breaking the rules made by no one
Ain't no other way out

And then there's nothing
me and my clock
we talk and dream of heaven

Stand and fight you don't know the half of it
Do what's right I'm in the photograph of it

Ain't no other way out etc
Track Name: Chasing Shadows
grew up in the fifties in a time of plenty heard Gene Pitney on the radio and I was found what a sound pretty girls all around beer on Saturday
got married for the first time in 1969 broke up in 71 it was a crazy time got a crazy song was signed by Clive knew I was alive driving through Boston with the Columbia promo men my song came on the radio it sounded great
that was a long time ago

I will throw my life at your feet I will make you everything to me
we will go on forever what's the use what's the use of chasing shadows

as I watched the clock beside my bed as a child I didn't know I didn't know what was to come things haven't changed much except for one thing I found the one thing

repeat Chorus....
Track Name: The Way I See It
there's an old grey tower in the corner of the city
what does it mean?
I've been alone for too long
it doesn't matter, get on with your life
I was born a long time ago
the grass was green the butterflies flew

The way I see it the way I feel it the way it looks to me
I try to understand, there's so much confusion
that I can't help but get it wrong sometimes

Take all our money like it was nothing
put us in jail if we object
water the plants please
there's food on the table
sleep in golden sheets as long as you can

I'm on the train, I still believe it, but that don't make me stupid

waiting for magic waiting for the end to come
waiting for magic I'll be there no mater what
Track Name: With You
Attention wanders
get memories from long ago
feeling different from the people all around me
It's all right
I'm with you

There's a hole in my tooth
dead Bob Marley's on the radio
singing 'no woman no cry'
Scrooge Mc Duck
What the f
It's all right
I'm with you

Walking in Iceland
listen to the birds sing
fingers and toes
anything goes
it'll be over someday

it's all right
I'm with you
You'll be true to me
Track Name: On The Way To Heaven
Just another thing, means nothing at all,
just another thing on the way to heaven 2x
If you got no money, and no one seems to care
and you're surrounded, can't see me anywhere, I'm there

I was around on the day you were born
I am the one who gave you life
I will surround you till nothing else is there
I am the one you must follow

when you wake up in the morning
let the light fill your eyes
nothing's gonna get you down
I'll keep you alive

Just another thing...

solving the mysteries of life isn't easy
but I'm gonna help you
and you're gonna make it home

I was a lonely man living in a crazy place
I didn't know what to do with myself
I was walking around like a lonely man
like a mealy burger until I found grace
Track Name: The Sun is My Desire
Just another day in Paradise
just another way to make it all nice
you are everything and you are in me
take the sting out of the inevitable
take the promises into morning

the sun is my desire
the sky is my home
I'm free in rain and fire
and I'm warm in this peaceful breeze
I believe

Half the day I pound my brain on the concrete
what to change and how to make it all a little more sweet
forcing poetry to get there on time
but you might see a smile on my face
a starlight shine in my dreamer's eye

the sun etc

You got no courtesy
you answer before I speak
you don't wanna listen to me
and that's all right that's all right

the sun etc
Track Name: Not My World
misery secrecy hypocrisy
it doesn't matter what you do as long as they don't see
doesn't matter what you say as long as they don't hear
how long must we live this way
I've got nothing to say
it's not my world

when the sun shines you can see what's going on but when it's dark you can get away with almost anything
take my hand and walk with me I will set you free
to go anywhere
be with anyone
Track Name: Time To Go
What do they know about it
it's just another scene
what do I care about it
they're mixing up a fine salad
and pouring the beer
and I'm here
the one thing I've gotta know 3x
is when it's time to go

I started out a long time ago
and the clock just keeps on ticking
there's nothing I can do about that
and nobody tells me when I'm walking into a trap
oh dear oh dear
the one thing...

How am I ever gonna know that
if nobody tells me
How am I ever gonna know ?

all Homer had was a green pen to make a new world
He worked on his words hour after hour
And Jesus took a whip and drove the businessmen out of the temple
No one could stand up to that power
and he knew very well
when it was time to go
time to go
Track Name: So Good
it's so good for me to have you
doesn't matter how it goes
the river of love is always flowing
and we just have to let it
you and I will climb this mountain
to Paradise
and live forever
live forever

I was lost I could not find you
I was blind I could not see
I was crawling right behind you
then you turned and rescued me
and I will stay with you forever
I will never leave
Cause it makes me complete
just to have you
just to know that you are mine

only love can make a miracle
and we have that right here
you and I can see tomorrow
and the road that stretches on and on and on
we will never die
and the reason why
is for everyone it's for everyone