Blame It On the Moon

by Andy Pratt

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Recent recordings, please enjoy, Andy..

extra Photos by Robert L. Harrison


released May 25, 2011

Musicians and Engineers - Andy Pratt, Randy Roos, Tim Casey, Ken Kavanos, Dean Johnston



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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Track Name: Slippery Slope
every day you hear it someone's going under
every day it's something more
what are we doing where are we going
doesn't anybody care?
I don't wanna go under we're sliding down the slippery slope
don't let us lose everything don't let us be thrown out in the cold
I can't make the payment I can't make the sky drop brainy acts
I can't tell the people why I do it like I do it
I've got to watch out for maniacs

Look we're going under look we're sliding down the slippery slope look we're losing everything look we're being thrown out in the cold

Set the wheels in motion take care of the ones you made
we're like ships out on the ocean falling into the deep getting afraid
Track Name: Blame It On the Moon
the things I tell myself
will get me in trouble again
what put me on the shelf
is not any person
Blame it on the Moon
try to remember it well
blame it on the stars
how can I blame it on anyone else?

days of mirrored glass
nights of raging fire
this will also pass
at the end of my desire
Blame it on the Moon....

Talking to an empty hole
taking it all to the sea
some people must live with nothing at all
some people want another me

it will be all right
just wait a little longer
every time we fight
we make the evil stronger

Blame it on the Moon...
Track Name: Sail Away
from the lies and the problems
from the bitter words and pain
from the endless cost of living
from the murder and the rain
Sail Away
I would rather be a crab
scuttling on the ocean floor
I try to be with you
but I always fall down at your door
I'll Sail Away from everything
From my window I see snow falling
never seems to go away
there's a future I don't know calling
I can only see today until tomorrow
From the cruel voices
take me away with you
I have made so many choices
there's so much I cannot do
I'll Sail Away..
Track Name: Fall To the Ground
Would you care if I lost everything
Would you mind if I fell to the ground and died
You never say a word about such things
you just go on whistling

Some day you'll fall to the ground
some day you won't be around any more

All those years and all those hours
I tried to tell you who I am
But you just went on as if I wasn't there
I won't be there when the rent comes due
when it all catches up to you

Someday you'll fall to the ground...

Ahhh Oooh

this song's not about just one person
it's many things rolled into one
you can't make it all too serious
just try to make sure that you know what you're doing
someday you'll fall to the ground..won't be around
someday I'll fall to the ground...won't be around

Someday we'll fall to the ground...won't be around anymore....
Track Name: Hold On
you cannot know...

Hold On hold on
hold on hold on
you've been on this road so long
hold on hold on

I will be there
all the time and everywhere

always forever
I'm on your side

I went to sleep
went away for a while
when I awoke I had this song
tellin me to hold on, hold on

Hold on hold
you cannot know
what I will give to you

everything you see will one day burn to ashes
Track Name: Walking Down the Road
sun rises behind a rain cloud
a tired pigeon looks my way
smoke rises from an old chimney
I'm walking down the road

I left my home when I was young
and i never went back
now I'm longing for a warm place
I'm walkin down the road

dogs bark as I walk by
some want to eat me some just want to come along
sometimes I shiver sometimes I cry
but I keep on walking down the road

trying to lose my past trying to lose my fury
tryin to to draw a line between soft and hard
and I'm wonderin when it's all gonna be over
I'm walking down the road

Tryin to lose my complaint
tryin to get by on so little
do you wanna know why I try and I try and I try
can't seem to get nowhere
Track Name: The Hand
On and on it goes
where it stops no one knows
we must carry on
fight until the dawn

there's no one by your side
you're like a naked bride
that's the way it goes sometimes

you don't have to understand
just hold on to his hand

I was wasting time
couldn't find the line
I was going down for the third time

then you came along
gave me a new song
made me wise and strong over time
over time
I don't have to understand
just hold on to your hand

walk in wonderland
see the fire and sand in perfect symmetry
for you must leave it

every day's the same
the armchair and the rain
the glory and the pain of it all

I won't try to understand
let me hold on to your hand