Andy Pratt Loves You

by Andy Pratt



Veteran Andy Pratt’s latest showcases his good songwriting abilities, nice, expressive vocals, and cool piano playing. Many of the melodies have a folk feel, but I hear pop and theatre here also, and “How Are You?” and “I’m All Alone” almost rock out. For folk ballads listen to: “Take It All Away” and “Loving You (the Right Way). For easy-listening pop with his usual very specific lyrical content listen to “Home of the Brave.” My favorite song is “Sing,” a real radio-friendly tune with a cool “na-na-na” vocal opening. Sorta like Cat Stevens meets Billy Joel or Paul Simon meets Elton. Good for a mellow evening. (A.J. Wachtel)


released May 6, 2010

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Fernando Perdomo and Andy Pratt
Mastered by Zach Ziskin
All songs written by Andy Pratt except Home of the Brave written by Andy Pratt, John Flynn, and Bill Flanagan, publishing on record
Andy Pratt - vocals, backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitar, Classical guitar, bass, pianos, Mellotron, Mandolin, Organ, Wurlitzer piano
Fernando Perdomo - Producer, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Mellotron, Theremin, Percussion, Drums, Backing vocal
Derek Cintron - drums, percussion
Eddie Zyne - drums
Danilo Arroyo - drums
Alex Ibanez - drums, percussion
Ryan Holquist - drums, percussion, Doumbeck
Luke Moelmann - drums, percussion



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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Track Name: It's Not the End of the World
ITs not the end of the world
it's not the end of the sky
it's not the end of my life
just the end of you and I

It's all right
losing is the only way
it's all right
just a little bit less than yesterday

Your love
is like a dried-up stream
your love
is not for me

It's all right everything has to die
by the time you're dead half your friends will be gone
you need some practice in loneliness
you'll have to die alone

Your love
is like a dried-up stream...
It's not the end of the world..
Track Name: Take It All Away
orphan child daughter of the angels
we will be forever true
far away from every kind of danger
you in me and me in you

and all the times I've waited
the times I've been alone
doesn't matter anymore

Take it all away
take it all away
take it all away
anyway you want to is all right with me

I was alone drifting out to sea
then she came to be my anchor
she's the one, the one I've always needed
and I'm the one, the one to love her

and everything that went before
doesn't matter any more....

so come on and
Take if all away...
Track Name: All the Way Home
Every piece of mud
every drop of blood
every pint of sorrow
Every slicey cut
every dicey mutt
every strange tomorrow

All the way home
All the way home

Forty Thousand miles
Seven Hundred years
That's how far we will go
To leave the human race
to look upon your face
to keep our promise to you

All the way home
All the way home
All the way home

Steal away
Steal away
Steal away home
Steal away
drive away
there's no reason to stay

I would leap a wall
I would trash it all
But I would never leave you
Now I know for sure
this love will endure
Now I can believe you

All the way home
Track Name: I'm All Alone
I'm all alone in a great big zoo
I'm all alone in the city
ain't got nobody to see me through
I'm all alone and it's all right cuz I"m with you
You are the potter I'm the clay
Don't have to listen to what the people say

But I'm taking too many hours to find my way
too many days and years and all kind of mistakes
can't seem to do it no other way
I'm all alone and it's all right cuz I'm with you
she is the anchor I"m the sea
got everything I need inside of me

So don't go talking bout my old ways
Don't go putting me out in the schoolyard
I'm just as good as you any day
I'm all alone and it's all right get out of my way
I know the patience I know the fire
and yes he keeps lifting me higher and higher and higher

I'm all alone

I'm all alone in a great big zoo
I'm all alone in a great big corporate jungle
it's all right
I'm all alone in a mad mad mad mad world
I've been listening for voices I never hear
You can leave me alone I don't mind it's all right
Track Name: The Snake Charmer
why did you give your love then take it back
why did you take me in the send me away
I was so foolish then wanting to taste it all
I was an innocent boy I did not know
the price you must pay for the girl
the cruelty in the ways of the world

now I am farther along and you are just part of my past
now I can see it all now I am free
the price you must pay...

will you stay alone the rest of your life
will you tell them how it really was
between you and me
everything changes and everything everything dies

the price you must pay for the girl
the tricks in the ways of the world
Track Name: One More Song to Go
Sailing on a stormy sea a mile from paradise
why should I think twice it won't change a thing
talking to somebody who never shows his face
oh the human race I'll be done with it

One more song to go we're almost done
One more little show on the run

I was just a dying leaf trembling in the breeze
you brought me to my knees long ago
now I see the setting sun it makes me want to cry
you know the reason why I belong to you

One more song to go we're almost done
one more crazy show on the run

They told me not to do it
they said it would never work
but what else can I do?