All That Glitters

by Andy Pratt



12 track album


released April 16, 2011

Andy Pratt - all vocals, keyboards, bass, guitars, additional drums and percussion
Robbie Soltz - drums
William Loosigian - electric guitar
John O'Boyle - bass
Todd Brunel - clarinet, saxophone
Warren Amerman - Slide guitar

Produced by Andy Pratt and Warren Amerman
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Warren Amerman
at Rotary Records, West Springfield, MA

All songs by Andy Pratt, Fool's Errand Music (ASCAP) c 2011
Except Don't Let It Bring You Down, written by Neil Young c 1969



all rights reserved


Andy Pratt Boston, Massachusetts

Andy Pratt burst on the scene in 1973 with his iconic Columbia single
'Avenging Annie'. He spent 4 years in the big time, then disappeared, but really he never stopped. Please enjoy this selection of his newer's worth the wait... ... more

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Track Name: Everyone's Talking
disappointment in the morning confusion at night
and this loneliness like a cancer eating away at my life
and everyone's talking
everyone's talking
just cause they're talking don't mean that they're telling the truth
I"ll be a mirror you can see yourself in the glass
it's not me that you're seeing that's all right this will pass
and everyone's talking...
it's not anyone's fault just the way it went down
to be lifted so high left to fall on the ground
on the ground
and everyone was talking
everyone was talking
just cause they were talking
didn't mean that they knew anything
about you and me
spinning spinning falling down
wondering where the bottom is

it took me many years to forget it
now it seems we're going back in time
and my old loves calling my name again
but it's still a pack of lies
and everyone's talking...
Track Name: It Fades Away
it seems to take a century that's all right
they dont want to hear your story no more
there's cancer there's war
a big fight for control of the world
but it's a world full of garbage
but it fades away it fades away
there comes an end to everything

yeah and that's the way I want it
I want you all for myself
you don't have to worry
I'll take care of you
let it fade away

Ow ow it's all right it's all right
hurt so many times
so many people
so many dreams
so many conversations it fades away

all the people who don't call no more
people gonna be my friends for life
everything they tell me
the crazy way they live

let it fade away
there comes an end to everything
Track Name: Fools
I see the birds I see the sky so beautiful
I see animals, children, so wonderful
and they get sacrificed for money, power, greed
things nobody really needs

It make me wonder why must it be so cruel
and why are we such fools

we talked and talked and talked some more
and it went on and on
and after a while I knew you were the one I'd always dreamed about
and the joy that we have no one can take away
so laugh, laugh everyday

even though the world is cruel
and people are fools

wonderful one, carry it all for me

the wind the wind ah it speaks to me
says tell me tell me oh can't you see
that the world is cruel
and people are fools
Track Name: Whatever Happens
Whatever happens take it like it comes
whatever happens don't let it shake you
whatever happens be a man be a woman

in the first place you never wanted to be who you are
in the second place you never listen I don't want to see you no more
in the third place you're crazy as a loon
in the fourth place this is gonna be over soon

Whatever happens i take it like it comes
whatever they throw at me i won't let it shake me
whatever whatever whatever whatever

I can't sleep I got no place to go
Need some money don't know where it's gonna come from
humanity keeps destroying the earth
always seem to me something trying to bring me down

yeah it's a little song you know
called Whatever Happens
yeah yeah

something's gonna happen here
something's gonna happen here

whatever happens hold on tight
gonna be all right

Track Name: Don't Let It Bring You Down
Old man lying
by the side of the road
With the lorries rolling by,
Blue moon sinking
from the weight of the load
And the buildings scrape the sky,
Cold wind ripping
down the alley at dawn
And the morning paper flies,
Dead man lying
by the side of the road
With the daylight in his eyes.

Don't let it bring you down
It's only castles burning,
Find someone who's turning
And you will come around.

Blind man running
through the light
of the night
With an answer in his hand,
Come on down
to the river of sight
And you can really understand,
Red lights flashing
through the window
in the rain,
Can you hear the sirens moan?
White cane lying
in a gutter in the lane,
If you're walking home alone.

Don't let it bring you down
It's only castles burning,
Just find someone who's turning
And you will come around.

Don't let it bring you down
It's only castles burning,
Just find someone who's turning
And you will come around.
Track Name: Back In Time
i wish that we could go back in time
before they let all those murdering devils out
to run wild through the earth and kill us all
that would be way back in the Bible
just let me go to sleep for a while
it makes me tired

God was really upset with them that time
not for Himself but for their future and for the future of humanity
He said no don't do it it'll be all war and misery
just let me go to sleep it makes me tired.

But they insisted and he said ok
I warned you yes you warned us yes you did they said
but He knew that they didn't know anything, that they were blind
but he had to let them have what they wanted
it was the only way

do do do do do

when you look at me do you even see me
or do you just see something out of your own self
made up of who you known who you've listened to
who you've trusted who you've loved
well you know it's the same for me
I am who I am and I've been where I've been and I've seen what I've seen

and for that matter why should anyone be like anyone else
how can you ever really know another person
I might know something about you sure
but you're the one who's actually lived it all

just let me go to sleep for a while it makes me tired
Track Name: Long Way To Heaven
someone told me that you called
didn't want to call you back
don't think you understand at all
think it's better not to talk about
I wish you well in your future
thank you for the times we had
chalk it up to another learning experience
no need to be sad

Christians lie and steal like Pagans
Oh so much remains the same
the only given is the end of life
and taxes and people and so much beauty
You could lose everything today
you fall down fifty times you'll have to get up again
they'll be falling all around you
even your children no one is safe

oh love me love me
it's a long way through the world
a long way to heaven
takes a long time to be heard
it's a long long road
gonna be all right
be all right

Pochahontas was a lovely child
she wanted the killing to stop
and we loved her for it but she couldn't
stop the tide or the madness of the human race
why don't you go back to sleep
let the angels bring you dreams
you're not that wonderful a writer
you're not that special at all
and it's all right it's all right
oh love me love me etc
it's a long way home
don't let it get to you